Schooner Bill of Rights

San Pedro Tall Ship Festival 2014

IMG_1176We were met with throngs of people eager to see the giant rubber duck at the San Pedro Tall Ship Festival. The Bill of Rights and 11 other tall ships congregated on the docks of the Port Of Los Angeles in San Pedro for four days of festivities, including boat tours and battle sails.

IMAG1758While the Bill had not yet received her cannon license from the Coast Guard, we did participate in one battle sail as a spectator and unofficial target. With shots coming from port and starboard, the crowd was entertained, and everyone had a great time.

Back at the dock, the Bill was a big hit with the crows, since we were the closest boat to the duck. We estimate that we have upwards of 4000 people tour our decks over the course of the event, and some were actually there to see the boats. 😉