Schooner Bill of Rights

Ocean Transits


The Bill of Rights participates in various events outside the San Diego area. As we relocate the boat, we may offer limited availability for adventurous sailors to join our all-volunteer crew for these single or multi-day transits. This is an opportunity for you take part in a tall ship sailing adventure while you practice your off shore and celestial navigation skills, log open-ocean underway time, or learn the ropes of how to sail aboard a tall ship. It is also a great photo opportunity!

Expand your sailing experience aboard a tall ship as you eat with the crew, share crews’ quarters, trim the sails and stand watch if you choose. This is not a luxury cruise, but a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy time aboard an old fashioned sailing vessel with a group of people who truly enjoy being on the open ocean and working together for a common goal.

Upcoming Transits:

April 8-9: Chula Vista –> Marina Del Rey ($300)
April 13,14, or 15: Marina Del Rey –> Ventura/Oxnard (date and location TBD) ($150)
April 20-22: Ventura/Oxnard –> Chula Vista ($300)
Sept (TBD): Chula Vista –> Dana Point ($TBD)
Sept (TBD): Dana Point –> Chula Vista ($TBD)

This is not for everyone, but if you want a chance to experience the ocean aboard a wooden ship, then contact us for the latest details.