Schooner Bill of Rights

New Decking begun

new deck on Bill of Rights

new decking installation

The deck replacement is moving ahead slowly, the projected completion to be before the end of 2018.  We have high hopes of relatively dry cabins in the rain when the process is completed.  The original 1971 fir deck is being replaced with 2 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ Douglas Fir planking.  We have approximately 350 planks to replace at a cost of approximately $60 each.  Ouch!  that’s a bunch of money!!

We have a VERY limited edition  “Prism Section”  donor incentives available.  For a mere $6,000 the ten lucky donors will receive a special plaque and a lifetime membership in South Bayfront Sailing Association.


old deck

Old Deck

Sails are next on the major replacement agenda, starting with the main. We will do specific fundraising events for that purpose.