Schooner Bill of Rights


  • What should I bring?

    It depends a bit on which trip you are joining, but in general, here are some things you might want to bring aboard:

    • Food/Drinks - You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks, so pack a picnic to enjoy on your adventure.
    • Sunscreen - It can be a long day in the sun, and there is not a lot of shade, so plan accordingly. Don't forget lip balm with SPF in it.
    •  Warm clothes - Even on hot days, it can get cool out on the water, so bring a few extra layers of clothes, just to be sure. You may not need them, but if you do, you will be glad you have them. A long sleeve shirt can also help protect you from the sun.
    • Sensible shoes - The deck is rustic, and the boat can bounce around a bit, so please no heels. Something like tennis with a bit of protection is nice, but if you want to wear sandals or flip-flops, we won't stop you. Just watch your toes.
    • Sunglasses and cap or hat - Did we mention that the sun is out? 😉
    • Camera - Of course you will want a record of your adventure.
  • Will I get seasick?

    Everyone reacts differently, so it is really hard to say. But in general, our sunset cruises that stay on the bay are pretty mild, and most people have no trouble. For our all-day sails onto the ocean, things are more unpredictable. If you have a tendency to get sick (sea, air, car), it might be a good idea to take precautions. There are many things that can help, from Dramamine to patches, to ginger. If in doubt, talk to your doctor.


    Also, if you do start to feel sick, let a crew member know immediately. There is no need to be embarrassed. Even the most seasoned sailors sometimes get sick, and we know some tricks that can help. If worse comes to worse, we can help you get to a safe place to feed the fishes. 😉

  • Can I help sail the boat?

    Absolutely! It takes a lot of people to raise and adjust those massive sails, so we will gladly show you how you can help. Who knows? You may think it is so much fun you will want to volunteer to be part of our crew. And if you ask really nicely, the captain may even let you steer the ship. How cool is that?

  • Can I climb the rigging?

    No. Unfortunately, our insurance will not allow the general public above the deck. But if you volunteer as crew, we will be happy to train you to go aloft and many other cool skills that you can only get on a tall ship like the Bill of Rights.

  • Will I get wet?

    In most cases, no. Of course if it starts raining, all bets are off, although we do have room for some people down below if that happens. Also, if we hit a large wave, it is possible to get some splash up on deck, so it is always wise to keep your phone or camera protected. This is less likely on the sunset cruises that stay on the bay.

  • When will we depart / return?

    This is not a bus route. Due to weather, water conditions, safety issues, and other factors, it is difficult to say exactly what time we will leave or return. We do have a published boarding window that will be firm, but all other times are approximate. You should not plan on being back exactly at a certain time. Pretend you are on island time, hide your watch, and enjoy your time on the water.

  • Do I have to be in shape?

    Anyone of average physical fitness should be fine. You will have to climb a short set of steep steps to board, and the deck is somewhat uneven and the boat does move, so anyone with significant balance issues may not be suitable. Also, our restrooms on board are below deck, so you must be able to climb a ladder to reach them. If in doubt, please call our office and discuss your concerns with us prior to purchasing your ticket.

  • Do you have restrooms?

    We do have restrooms at the marina, and we highly suggest you use them prior to boarding.


    On board, we have two restrooms (they are called "heads" on a boat). They are primitive, and you have to be able to climb down a ladder to reach them. When you use the heads, nothing should go in them that has not passed through your body. There is small waste basket for all other items. Yes, even TP must go in the basket. If you forget and don't follow this rule, you are very likely to plug them up, and that is not a pleasant thing, so we greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Flushing is another experience that landlubbers may find different. Someone from our crew will be happy to show you how. Please ask if you are not sure. It is easier to explain it in person.


    Don't let the heads scare you. Just know that they are different from land-based toilets. Consider it an adventure. 😉